How “Gameful Thinking” and Playing Games can Improve Your Life

How "Gameful Thinking" and playing games can help you up-level your life and business - Light Hearted Lettering Blog

I was recently listening to a podcast episode from The Tim Ferriss Show (check it out if you are interested in bettering your business and life) and he was doing an interview with a woman named Jane McGonical, who is an alternate reality game designer.

I found the episode really interesting and I wanted to share my thoughts on it with you. In the episode she talks about a lot of different things, but what I really found interesting was when she talked about how people can create this “gameful” mindset for themselves to help them succeed more in their lives.

I know, this sounds kind of silly and a little wierd. But she explains how when we play games our minds are using strategies and being creative in order to accomplish a goal (win the game). And that is basically what life is, developing strategies and being creative in order to achieve our goals and win the game (in life, business, relationships etc.).

So I am going to share with you basically why I think it is a good idea to have a gameful mindset and how this can help you in all areas of your life. I mean, if she can use this technique to overcome a brain injury, then I think we can all find ways to apply it in our lives.

Make life into a game

It sounds naïve to make life into a game, but when you think about it on this level your brain can see the world from a different perspective. Many people, myself included, are very competitive when they are playing games and they will do anything to try and win. But in real life, people often lose that competitiveness and drive.

How "Gameful Thinking" and playing games can help you up-level your life and business - Light Hearted Lettering Blog

By thinking of life as a game, you get more into that competitive state and way of thinking. You can become so driven by trying to get to the next level in your life that success will be an easy and fun adventure.

Have missions

Think of things on your to-do list as little missions. Imagine you are Mario and you have to get so many gold coins to get a boost or get to the next level. Not only will this make your to-do list more fun and enjoyable, you can have more drive and motivation to complete it because you know that by doing so you will get to a new level in your life or have some kind of reward.

How "Gameful Thinking" and playing games can help you up-level your life and business - Light Hearted Lettering Blog

Earn points

When we are playing games, we all want to earn the most points or get the most of whatever it is that will help us win. By assigning points to things in our lives, we give ourselves more incentive to get them done.

It can be something simple like getting 10 points for every blog post you write and then once you get to 50 points you will give yourself a reward. Or getting 10 points for every nice thing you say and then getting a treat when you get to 100 points. Small things like that can add up and although you will feel like you are just playing a game, you are actually improving your business or life in some way.

How "Gameful Thinking" and playing games can help you up-level your life and business - Light Hearted Lettering Blog


Everyone wants to get to the next level. And the game of life is never ending, so there will always be a new level to attain or a new goal to achieve. By giving yourself these missions, earning points and rewarding yourself along this journey you can create an easy and exciting new way for you to continually get to the next level in your life.

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Also, as an added bonus, I designed this free desktop background to remind you to smile and enjoy the game. Life is a crazy, big adventure and sometimes we can do simple things that seem insignificant but ultimately help get us to the next level in our lives, like smiling. So download it and give yourself 10 points towards boosting your positivity. Just subscribe to the blog and I will send it your way!

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