Hand lettered Envelopes + Free Thank You Cards

Hand lettered envelopes to take your event or wedding to the next level! By Light Hearted Lettering Blog

Are you throwing a party or having a wedding? Do you want to wow your guests with beautifully addressed envelopes? Well I have the perfect solution for you because I am now offering hand lettered envelopes in my Etsy shop! Hand lettered envelopes are the perfect way to make your guest feel special and give your invitations a more personal touch.

Apparently I have come to the age where everyone (or at least a lot) of my friends and acquaintances on Facebook are getting married. And it just so happens that my sister is one of those people and I was so honored when she asked me if I would hand letter the invitations for her wedding coming up in November (which, by the way I am designing the invitations for as well and I am so excited).

So, I thought maybe other people would like my calligraphy/hand lettering services for their wedding. If you’re interested in this or think someone you know would be, check out my Etsy shop!


Hand lettered envelopes to take your event or wedding to the next level! By Light Hearted Lettering Blog

Okay, enough shameless self-promotions and onto the FREE STUFF for you! I have for you a FREE download for hand lettered thank you cards! Because what goes perfect with hand lettered envelopes? Why, hand lettered thank you cards of course! (Okay, sorry for the cheesy lines, I’m just really excited today).

Free Thank You Card Printable by Light Hearted Lettering Blog

So subscribe to the blog and I will send you the link where you can download these super classy and cute thank you cards to be printed off at home or your local print shop. The size is 5×7 so just print on card stock and fold in half! 

With kindness and encouragement,


Are you interested in hand lettered envelopes? What other styles of envelope addressing would you like to see? Did you enjoy this post? I would love to know down in the comments!

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